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Culture and History


Indian Man

India is home to a diverse range of people and cultures.

India is an incredibly diverse country with a number of different religions and ethnic groups speaking twenty-three official languages and over a thousand dialects! Fortunately for travelers from North America, English is widely spoken and locals are accustomed to tourists visiting the hot spots. The population is predominantly Hindu (80%) and Muslim (13%), however there are also millions of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains living together in India.


The history of India stretches back thousands of years and has shaped the country into a collage of monuments that spans the gamut of everything possible. Ancient temples from cultures of the past contrast colonial British monuments, and viewing them is like looking back through time.

Modern India

Today India has grown to be a modern country in many areas, with a strong IT industry and movies from Bollywood winning awards around the world. The city of Delhi is a prosperous place with the amenities required to be a player on the world stage.


  • Golden Triangle
  • Rajasthan
  • North India
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • The Golden Triangle Tour

    The Golden Triangle Tour is a very popular tour circuit that makes an irregular triangle shape through included major Indian cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Its popularity is due in part to the fact that cheap flights to New Delhi services are prompt and expedient.

    This is a short tour but entails most exclusive cities for a joyful rendezvous with rich Indian heritage, history, culture and people. Your cheap flights to Delhi, India directly lands you in Delhi to get your fascinating tour begin. The included cities offer you best of sightseeing, staying options, food and endless family fun. Let’s dig deeper into the cities…

    Besides being the national capital of India, Delhi is a place with diverse elements of breath taking historical monuments, lush gardens, great shopping recourses and chic modern lifestyle. The structural architect of the buildings here reflect the British and Mughal period that still remains intact to make buildings like Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Humanyun’s Tomb, India Gate and Red Fort a must visit places. Raj Ghat and Rashtrapati Bhawan can also be visited for a wider expedition.
    You can also enjoy shopping local specialties of daily items and Indian spices at colorful shops in Old Delhi. If children are accompanying you, there are many amusement and theme parks to keep the young ones satisfied with the trip.
    The Taj Mahal is the first thing that instantly strikes mind when you hear Agra. You can travel to Agra by bus or train from Delhi. Besides witnessing the beauty of love epitome – The Taj, you can also indulge in best of north Indian cuisine and other popular tourist locations like Shish Mahal, Agra Fort, Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri, Moti Masjid and much more in Agra.
    Usually acclaimed as “The Pink City”, Jaipur is the final destination of the Golden Triangle Tour. Jaipur is lined with numerous forts and palaces to incessantly amaze you. You must not miss on Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, City Palace and vivacious local bazaar. Rajasthani cuisine and colorful handicraft would surely catch your taste buds and attention equally.

    The Upshot

    The triangular tour around India is truly “Golden” in more than several aspects. It is not only an ideal tour plan for entire family with adequate amount of recompense for everyone but it also is the best way to know what India and its culture is all about. It lets you explore three different and unique cities that are well connected and offer convenient staying options to fit every budget. No wonder The Golden Triangle Tour is the preferred by millions of tourists who visit India. More information on cheap flight to Delhi (the first spot of the tour) can be availed at


    More to Do


    Ranthambore Tiger

    Ranthambore National Park is known for its tigers.

    Ranthambore National Park may be one of the best known places to see wildlife in India. Getting there is as easy as a train trip from Jaipur, Bombay or Delhi.

    Many tourists visit the famous Red Fort in Delhi, which stands as a reminder of the British Era and the Mughal empire. Delhi is also home to excellent shopping for anyone with an eye for value. The Bazaars of Old Delhi link this modern city to the past.

    Mumbai is host of many Bollywood movie sets. It’s not unheard of to catch a star off stage and mingle with famous Indian celebrities.

    Countless cultural, heritage and religious sites dot India and there are too many for a complete list here. For more advice on things to see, check out this list.



    Ranthambore Tiger

    Holi is a festival full of colour

    India has several unique and amazing festivals that are known around the world as grand events.

    Perhaps the best known event due to its size, the Kumbh Mela is an ancient northern Indian spiritual festival that has become the largest peaceful gathering of people in the world. Hindu holy men meet to discuss matters of faith faith and disseminate information about their religion, and the days-long event is attended by millions. The Kumbh Mela takes place on a rotational basis in four holy Hindu places, appearing in each place once during a 12 year cycle.

    The festival of Holi just might be the most colourful thing you’ve ever seen. Held in late February or early March, this festival of love encourages everyone to come out, bridge social divides and play with colors.

    Getting Around

    Transportation between cities in India is affordable, if not always luxurious. Trains and buses are the most common means of getting around, but a well planned trip can have wonderful excursions via boat or plane.

    Expect to use a bus to reach regions of India that are inaccessible by train, such as mountainous areas that are within driving distance from cities. Buses are safe, reliable, and affordable. Services can be as low as Rs 40 to Rs 60 for medium length trips.
    Trains are fast and comfortable for longer journeys provided they’re not take on peak hours in dense, highly trafficked areas. The process of purchasing a ticket can be confusing, but our staff can help you plan your trip and most train stations are used to English speaking travelers.
    Taxi, Rickshaw, Bike, Etc.
    Within cities, travel by taxi is the most convenient option, but not all taxi services are created equal. Depending on your location and the service available, you should be careful to agree on the cost of the fare before departing. Be vigilant and expect to negotiate the fare.
    If your destination involves one of the beautiful areas blessed with open water, there are often schedule ferries and scenic trips that can be taken. Be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of the gorgeous scenery.